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Lakairo In Action

The founder of La Kairo group of companies, the current Managing Director is the pioneer businessman who has propelled the companies for more than three decades. From a humber beginning in a Village known as Utegi in Rorya Districk, Lameck started as a hawker moving goods on a bicycle across the border of Kenya/Tanzania. Years of persistence have not only made him a successful businessman but also representative of Rorya district in parliament.

Lakairo In Action.Lakairo In Action.Lakairo In Action.

The title Hon /Mhe, has been rightly earned his relentless efforts of supporting people in his community. Through Airo Foundation, which he founded in the year 2011, Lameck has supported several development projects including construction of schools, dams and support to hospital. He has been in front line in supporting needy cases of students from poor families access education.