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Tanzania has been rightly classifiied as potential economic giant with enormous unexploited resources. The vast arable lands, massive water front of Lake Victoria, sev deposits and game reserves have realized slow exploitation due to poor infrastructure. On the other hand the growing internal populations coupled with the influx from neighboring countries are pushing for efficient means of communication to exploit the available economic resources.

The construction industry has been concentrated within urban centers focusing mainly on commercial buildings. This has created a serious shortage in the housing industry more especially the middle level income earners. Likewise, access roads have not been adequately prioritized and as a result have lagged behind in several parts of the country. To bridge the gap, La Kairo Investment Limited operating under its subsidiary "Nice Construction” joined the construction industry two years ago. The company has acquired the necessary required machinery for road construction and construction of real estate. Within the two years of operation, the company has done several access roads within the lake region.

The company is also in the process of putting up a magnificent estate near Mwanza Airport. When complete, the estate will provide accommodation to the emerging middle class which requires a decent home, easily accessible and affordable. The company is in the process of acquiring machinery to increase its working capacity.

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